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A paradise for racing cyclists

With the queen of pass roads right on its doorstep, Prad has always been a magnet for thousands of racing bike enthusiasts from all over Europe. The unique landscape of the National Park are the main reason why every cyclist wants to conquer the pass summit. A lot of cyclists have a strong desire to repeat this event every year.

When the raod, after five years of construction, was completed in 1825 the pass was regarded as the 8th wonder of the world and today would probably also be a worthy contender for Unesco World Cultural Heritage. Then as now, the 48 hairpin bends which lead up to or over the 2758m high pass are a challenge and a lasting experience for anyone who conquers them.

Apart from this route, there are many other impressive tours in the western part of South Tyrol. The 'king stages' of the famous Giro d'Italia are often leading to the Stilfserjoch or some ascent nearby.